Architectural Historic Reserve - Bozhentsi Village

The village of Bozhentsi was founded more than 600 years ago. It is permeated with history and legends, the oldest of which tells about the noble Boyar lady, Bozhana, who, six centuries ago, led her brothers and sons away from the destroyed capital (today’s VelikoTarnovo).Together, they settled in this secluded and cosy place among centuries-old forests where they built a village named after her…

The village is nestled in the picturesque mountain recesses of Stara planina, just 13 km away to the east of Gabrovo. It is one of the few villages in Bulgaria to have fully kept its authentic Revival Period look with its preserved valuable architecture specimen, its authentic cobblestone streets and rich ethnographic collections.

If you wish to relax in peace and quiet and to feel the atmosphere of the Bulgarian house- then visit us and be our dear guests in the traditional village house, in the cosiness of the authentic Bulgarian home at Parlapanova, Dzhelepova, Tacheva and Sharlopova eco-houses of Sharlopov Group in the Architectural and Historical Reserve of Bozhentsi.